7 Tips to choose your corporate travel management solutions company

By: Jeremy Bos

Choosing your corporate travel management solutions company is no easy task, but by following these tips you can be sure to be on the right track to optimizing business travel.

The best corporate travel management solutions 

You may be wondering what are the best corporate management solutions for your small or medium-sized business. It’s not always easy to decide how to handle such an important matter as business travel, which is why we are outlining some tips to make this process easier.

If you’re looking to take the weight of scouring the internet for the best travel deals off your employees’ shoulders, while at the same time streamlining processes then consider choosing a system that’s easy to use, allows your travelers to be self-sufficient, and provides an all-in-one solution. Now, let’s take a look at some other tips.

1. Go all-in-one

We’ve all had the experience where you are using a million different tools in your office, all covering different business needs. You want to streamline but you aren’t sure how. This is where an all-in-one corporate travel management solution comes in handy. Don’t just add another tool, instead make sure the tool you add can do everything you need to do in one place. To do this, ensure the system you choose has everything you’re looking for like: easy bookings, access to travel deals, travel spending reports, and the ability to book train, flight, and hotel reservations all in one place.

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2. Go digital

With businesses more and more going digital saves time, saves money and improves efficiency. A digital travel corporate management solution means that busy companies on the go can book from anywhere and at any time without having to rely on a travel agent to help. This makes booking business trips easier and less stressful especially when it comes to international business travel.

3. Make sure there’s support when you need it

Making sure there’s support when you need it means that you don’t necessarily have to rely on a travel agent to book your travel, but that you have a platform that allows you to be self-sufficient. The best corporate travel management software will have the right technology in place so that it’s easy to use but will also have an expert to lend you a hand when you need it. That’s the whole point of booking on a platform instead of managing everything on your own.

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4. Consider reporting functions

Optimizing business travel is a big part of corporate travel management. This means you need software that is capable of reporting and giving you the insights you need to understand where your travel spend is going, which department is spending the most, and how much travel is booked within your policy. Look out for the ability to analyze the data by traveler, date, and location to get the best and most accurate insights. 

5. Choose a software that helps protect travelers

An important part of business travel management is keeping your travelers safe. Fulfilling your duty of care means knowing where your travelers are at all times, and being able to support them should something go wrong along the way. This is why you want to look for software that allows you to track your travelers in real time, and ensure that flights are as direct as possible to avoid bumps along the way.

Nowadays, safety is an important added functionality of managing business travel. Corporate management software can help you and your team travel safely with up-to-date information about travel risks and with the ability to track travelers so you know they’ve arrive safely at their destination.

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6. Automation is key

A key part of choosing to go digital and using software for managing your business travel should be automation in order to take the heavy lifting away from your employees. With the right corporate travel management solution you should be able to automate your approval flows, establish your travel policy and automate your travel and booking settings so that trips can be booked quickly and easily.

7. Make sure you can get the best deals

One of the benefits of working with a corporate travel management solution to book travel is that they have access to negotiated rates with suppliers that average people won’t be able to get when booking themselves. This is why when choosing your solution, you want to inquire about the special rates and discounts you will have access to.

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Corporate Travel Management Solutions that work

The right corporate travel management solution will empower your company to streamline business travel while being sure your travel policies are followed, and you can optimize, manage and track travelers at any time and from anywhere. Trips should follow an automated approval process, and you should be able to use the software to generate reports that will help you gain insight in order to better control and optimize travel spend. 

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