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We break down everything you need to know about managing business travel expenses and how to stay on budget.
Find out the trends and innovations in meetings and events, and what you need to know to stay ahead of the game.
ATLANTA, July 18, 2024 – GetGoing, the all-in-one travel platform from BCD Travel for small and midsize businesses, announced today the addition of integrated expense management, enabling companies to say goodbye to paper and hello to a digital, hassle-free travel and expense experience.
The secret to making business travel arrangements. Discover the keys to booking stellar business trips.
Meaningful business travel experiences are the future of business trips. Find out the factors influencing this change.
Learn how artificial intelligence is changing the way companies manage travel, expediting processes and ensuring the best travel experience.
Discover why you need a corporate travel policy and more tips to streamline your business.
Find out what is an OBT (Online booking Tool) for travel management and how it can help your business streamline business travel.
A comprehensive guide to navigating remote work and travel policies in an evolving business travel landscape.

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