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The exciting city in Massachusetts has a lot to offer. Find out everything you ever wanted to know about doing business in Boston, from where to stay.
P-Cards, or Procurement Cards, streamline business expenses, improve cash flow, and enhance control. Learn how to effectively use P-Cards for your business's financial management.
Booking business travel could fall on many people’s plates, who’s in charge of business travel and what are the tasks involved. Get the full scoop.
Traveling on business to Atlanta? Find out what you need to know to get around & make the most of your corporate trip. More tips from the industry experts inside.
Prepayment at hotels: depending on your travel plans and company preferences it can be advantageous as well as disadvantageous. Learn when to prepay and when to pay at the hotel.
Explore the intricacies of travel procurement for companies, including cost-saving strategies and stakeholder responsibilities. Find out how to ensure efficient travel management and meet organizational objectives.
Checked baggage vs. carry-on luggage? How do you decide and what’s best for your business trip? We lay out the details in this complete guide to luggage for business travelers.
Learn about ethical business travel and how to save money while traveling comfortably. Plus: find out which airlines have the cheapest business class.
Find out all you need to know about the best corporate travel policies and what to look for when designing your travel policy.

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