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Travelers can stay organized, in control and stress-free with an all-in-one, cloud-based travel platform and service from real experts. You do you, while we take care of the rest.

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Catching planes. Taking trains. Crossing borders to reach your destination. Let’s face it, travel isn’t the purpose of your trip. Business travelers have places to be, people to meet and things to do.

So get a travel solution that lets you focus on your goals. With an all-in-one travel platform and service from real experts, you get things done, stay productive and free of stress.

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All-in one travel platform at your fingertips

Stay productive and flexible with our powerful cloud-based platform. Access, book and manage your trips with a snap of your fingers, whenever and wherever you are. Forget about software installations or training sessions: just log in and get going! It’s that easy.

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Stay organized with less juggling

Forget about juggling between emails and different websites. Securely store and manage your personal details and travel preferences in one place to make bookings even faster and easier. And when plans go awry, our first-class experts are here to help you cancel, rebook, or even refund your trip.

Pick from millions of travel deals

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Don’t waste your time chasing deals. With GetGoing, you get direct access to travel deals with up to 25% discount on millions of options for flights, hotels, rental cars and rail. Including your favorites from popular sites like Booking.com, Expedia and others.

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Easily stay within the company policy

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Following your company’s travel policy never has been so easy! With the built-in policy settings, you always book your trips within guidelines. Our automated pre-trip approval flows help you get your trips approved in no time.

Expert service & assistance

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GetGoing is so much more than just a cloud-based travel platform. Our top-notch support from real, human experts is always just a call or click away. Get the support you deserve and go amaze the world!

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