Get the support of a helping hand

For Office Managers and HR teams, we know travel is just one of the many things you have to juggle daily to keep the company running smoothly. Get the support of a helping hand to organize travel. Manage and assist your travelers with an all-in-one platform featuring service from real travel experts.

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Go empower yourself and your team

Organize, book, order, manage, assist. You’ve got your hands full with daily office management. Let GetGoing take a few things out of your hands.

One powerful, cloud-based travel platform and top-notch service from real travel experts finally makes organizing business travel easy and stress-free. 

Designed for Office Managers and HR, because you deserve it. Also ideal for everyone else in the company.

Office managers and HR

Organize your business travel with just one platform

Make your business travel easier and stress-free with our powerful cloud-based platform. No more juggling tools and sites. With just one platform, you control your travel expenses, save time, and keep your travelers safe and happy. Now shine on!

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User-friendly platform

Book trips with a snap of the fingers

Forget about long manuals and training sessions. You’ve already got your hands full with human resources and office management. We’ve made booking trips a lot easier, for Office Managers and HR, and for your travelers. Just log in and get going! It’s as easy as booking your next, well-deserved vacation.

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Millions of travel deals

Search less,
but find even more

Why waste your valuable time searching multiple places for the best travel deals? We’ve done the hard work for you by combining the best travel content from different sites and suppliers in one place, including your favorites from, Expedia and many others.

travel saas

Travel policy automation

Let the platform do the heavy lifting

No more manual work! With policy integration and automation, your company’s travel guidelines will work behind the scenes. Your travelers won’t even notice. GetGoing also automates your approval process, giving extra control over your expenses.

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GetGoing platform to control & manage company trips


Keep your employees on top of their game​

With our user-friendly, intuitive travel platform, we keep your employees productive and happy. No software installation, no long training sessions. For your employees, booking business trips is just as easy as booking their next vacation.

Reports & insights

Reports and travel insights with one click

Access, manage and share your reports with a simple click. It’s handy to analyze your data and spot trends that drive your savings even further.

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Travel spend dashboard
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Expert service & assistance

Hands-on service and support from real experts

Are you tired of the lack of support in this digital world? GetGoing is here for you to lend a helping hand and provide the human touch that you were missing. Get instant assistance, guidance, and advice from our trained experts with a call or a click.

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