Introducing unused ticket tracking

When it comes to unused ticket tracking, you’ve come to the right place. GetGoing saves you time and money wasted on unused airline tickets. Simply log in, check alerts and start saving.

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Save money & time

GetGoing’s unused ticket tracking software automatically identifies which tickets were not used by your travelers and the residual value that they can use to book their next flight. Take advantage of the unused airline ticket tracker to help you make the most of your business travel spend.

Monitor your unused tickets

Monitor your unused tickets in the Reports section of the GetGoing platform.  You can access reports and insights to help you optimize your travel spend and not let any ticket value go to waste.

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Get notified when you have unused tickets

When you log in to your GetGoing account, you will see an alert at the top of the homepage if you have any unused tickets. Review all the details –  the airline, the credit amount, and the expiration date – so that you can start using this amount towards your next trip. It’s that easy.

Best practices for unused ticket management

So how can you better manage unused tickets? Check your traveler profile for available credits or export data from the Reports page. When searching for your next flight, look for airlines where you have credits and use the money from an unused ticket towards your next trip.

Frequently asked questions

Got a question? We have the answer!

An unused ticket credit is the value of an existing airline ticket that can be used toward a new flight. Managing unused tickets is a common (and valuable) practice among businesses all over the world. Travel plans can change and airline tickets are often changeable or cancelable, even after departure. Conferences may be canceled or postponed, travelers may get sick and flights might get canceled. Instead of letting the flight and the money spent go to waste, you can use these tickets for future travel, of course terms and conditions permitting. Make sure you check each airline’s restrictions.

When travel plans change, you can use a portion of the unused ticket’s value towards your next journey. Make sure you check the expiration date, the penalty fee, the residual value and the terms and conditions of each airline. The credit amount varies by airline, but in many cases, you can use the ticket’s original price minus any change or penalty fees. For tickets that are non-refundable, you should be able to at least recover taxes from airlines, which helps optimize your travel spend, increase savings and lower your average ticket cost.

The amount of time you can use unused flight tickets depends on the airline, the fare of service you purchased, and whether it was refundable or not. 

Unused airline tickets usually expire 1 year after time of purchase, but it depends on the airline. Terms and conditions apply.

Unused airline tickets can greatly impact your company’s financial health. This is why GetGoing automatically notifies you when you have unused tickets available and gives you access to handy reports. When your travel plans change, simply cancel the reservation on GetGoing. If a ticket has any credits available, you’ll see the value in your GetGoing account. To use the your ticket credits on your next flight, create a trip draft on GetGoing and then  contact one of our Travel Experts to make the booking.

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