Your helping hand in business travel

With a hands-on approach, we’re changing the way people book, manage and optimize travel.

Go amaze the world and grow your business!

We empower people like you with a hands-on solution to manage business travel.

Bring in that new business deal. Brainstorm world-changing initiatives with your team. Educate and inspire others. Whatever your business travel is, it’s all about making the right connections.

We help you get what you need to make those connections. See us as your helping hand in business travel. We’re here to help you get things done, empower your team, save time and money, and ensure safe and comfortable travel. It’s what we call: business travel hands-on.

What makes GetGoing different? We combine Travel as a Service (TaaS) with the human touch of real experts in business travel for assistance and advice.

GetGoing is digital when you want it to be...​

With our all-in-one, cloud-based platform you get things done. Save money, save time and do more, so you can focus on what really matters to grow your business, and yourself.​

...and personal when you need it to be​

Rely on real experts to help you in times you need it the most, from booking a trip and getting travel advice, to urgent help in emergencies or recommendations for your overall budget.​​

Attention, go-getters!

We’re always looking for other go-getters to join our team. If you’re hands-on and eager to help customers get things done, you might be a perfect fit! So what are you waiting for? 

We're looking for a

Sales Development Representative

Looking to escape the same dull routine every day? This is the role for you. We seek an energetic thinker and doer. Someone who’s internationally minded with the desire to grow a B2B brand across Europe and ultimately the world. 

Get to know the people behind GetGoing

We’ve got one awesome platform, but it’s our people that makes an even bigger difference. On the phone or behind the scenes: we all share a passion to help you get things done! We’re making GetGoing happen with a whole team of go-getters, that’s daily managed by this group of experts.

GetGoing's Cees Batenburg



Executive Lead
GetGoing's Ghislain Domi



Business Architecture
GetGoing's Jorge del Pedro


de Pedro del Pozo

Business Success
GetGoing's Kyle Davis



GetGoing's Jean-François De Mol


De Mol

GetGoing's Julie Suhard



Commercial &
Customer Success
GetGoing's Jeremy Bos




It runs in the family

As part of BCD Travel, a market leader in business travel management, we bring years of experience in the industry together with sophisticated, powerful travel technology. We create a unique solution that puts your business travel in good hands.

Experience first-hand how business travel should be