Corporate travel management for everyone

Whether you’re a finance manager, an office or HR manager, or a traveler looking for the best corporate travel management platform, GetGoing is here to lend you a helping hand with all your business travel management needs.
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Business travel management, your way

We know that creating a business travel program from scratch is no easy job, that’s why we want to lend you a hand. Not all online booking tools are created equally, but GetGoing is designed to give you travel management solutions for the whole company. Our goal is to help you say goodbye to time-consuming planning, excessive travel spending, saving you time and money. 

Sounds like what you’re looking for? Find out how GetGoing can help you do your job more effectively.

All-in-one, one for all

An all-in-one travel platform that everyone in your company can use no matter how tech-savvy they are. No installation or training required. Simply sign up and get traveling. Because you and your colleagues are too busy to spend time scouring the internet for the best travel deals. With GetGoing you’re in good hands.

Book, manage and optimize business travel for the entire team with a powerful, all-in-one business travel platform and support from real business travel experts
Monitor and control business travel expenses with GetGoing's reports and analytics features

Finance teams

Save time and money

Tired of going over-budget on your business travel spending? We’ve got you covered. GetGoing’s real-time reports allow you to keep track of your travel spend so you can discover new ways to save even more on travel costs and optimize your business travel program. Plus, we have an extensive inventory of the best travel deals available at hand.

GetGoing for finance teams

office managers & HR teams

Empower your team

Empower your team to take business travel management into their own hands. You create the travel policy and then it’s up to travelers to book their own flights, hotel rooms, and train tickets, all with the snap of their fingers. Fulfill your duty of care with the help of emergency travel assistance from real travel experts and get constantly updated about travel safety from the COVID-19 Information Hub.

Empower your team and keep business travelers productive with GetGoing's all-in-one business travel platform

GetGoing for office managers & HR teams

Plan and book business trips fast and easy, be more productive and travel hassle-free and care-free

Business travelers

Travel better

We’ve got an intuitive solution for your corporate travel planning needs. Say goodbye to the days of spending hours booking your flights and hotels for business trips. Book business travel and manage trips within minutes with an easy, no-installation necessary corporate travel management platform. Can’t figure it out? Don’t worry we’ve got experts on hand to help in case you need it.

GetGoing for business travelers

Corporate travel management made easy

Corporate travel management doesn’t have to be difficult. Book, manage, optimize, save and repeat. That’s what we call business travel hands-on.

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Frequently asked questions

Got a question? We have the answer!

GetGoing is backed by a top global travel management company, which means we have access to up to 25% discount on millions of travel deals on flights, hotels, rental cars and rail.

With GetGoing you can integrate and automate your travel policy so you can control your travel spend.  These optimized travel policies help guide your travelers about what they can and cannot book. You can also automate trip approvals and set price caps for flights, hotels and much more.

If you have a problem booking, don’t fret! You have options for support: you can contact a support agent via live chat, WhatsApp or email. Keep in mind, If you contact a live agent you will be charged a contact fee.

Corporate travel management is a way of managing costs by using a platform or corporate travel planner that helps you manage your travel in the most efficient way possible. This means that the corporate travel management platform or company has all the tools in place to help you book your business trip and at the same time can help optimize your business travel spend in order to allocate the budget accordingly.

Corporate travel management helps you to be more efficient when planning business travel. Travel managers or travel management platforms typically take care of ensuring that you have a travel policy in place, helping you to fulfill your company’s duty of care. At the same time a travel manager or platform makes sure that expenses are properly managed, vendor and partner deals are in place to give you the best travel deals, and helps to identify cost savings.

For starters choose the corporate travel planning tool that’s right for you. Once you’ve chosen, set up your profile and create policies and approval workflows. From there you can use the travel insights to analyze travel spend data and in this way optimize your budget.

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Patrick Lombardi, Account Executive, GetGoing

Patrick Lombardi

Account Executive, GetGoing