Book and manage trips quickly with easy booking

Easy booking makes it so you can view and change your trips wherever you are, whenever you want, in a matter of minutes.

Quick, easy and confident business travel booking with GetGoing's all-in-one business travel platform and expert service and assistance

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An all-in-one travel platform that doesn’t require you to download and install software, or follow long training sessions. Because you have better things to do. And booking trips shouldn’t be that hard.

With GetGoing, you only have to log in to book, view, change or even cancel your business trips in minutes. GetGoing is ready when you are.

Book and manage business trips quick and easy with an all-in-one business travel platform

Fast, effective & easy booking

Book and manage your trips the GetGoing way

All-in-one platform

One platform with everything for your trip: flights, hotels, rental cars and even rail

Intuitive interface

Plan and book trips with an intuitive interface, just as easy as booking your holiday

Search and filter

Filter and search features like pre-saved office locations quickly show you the best options for your trips

In-policy check

See right away which travel options are in or out of policy

Travel policy access

Access your company’s travel policy directly in the platform

Additional services

Select and buy additional services like seat reservations

View, change, cancel

View your booked trip details and change or cancel if needed

Traveler profile

Book faster with your own traveler profile

Make booking easy and faster. Securely store and manage your personal details and travel preferences directly in your travel profile. Handy!

Business travel deals

Millions of travel deals at your fingertips

Close all your open browser tabs and stop wasting time searching the internet for the best prices. GetGoing includes travel deals with up to 25% savings on trip costs. Take advantage of millions of options for easy booking hotels, flights, rental cars and rail, all in one place. It even includes your favorite travel deals from popular sites like and Expedia, as well as our own negotiated rates.

travel deals

Go Safe feature

Pick the safest flight for your trip

Travel safety starts when you plan your trip. GetGoing’s Go Safe feature helps you pick the safest flight route. It sorts your flight results and puts safer options like direct flights or flights with connections in lower-risk countries first.

Expert service & assistance

We're right here, every step of your way

Sometimes things go wrong. Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping for the best, there’s always a GetGoing expert to fall back on. To help you with company travel bookings, get the best travel advice or lend you a helping hand when disaster strikes. A call or click is all it takes.

Book flights, hotels, rental cars and rail within policy and access to millions of travel deals for business trips

Travel policy compliance

Travel policy? Nothing for you to worry about.

The GetGoing platform comes with great and powerful options to automate your company’s travel policy. With the platform doing all the heavy lifting, you won’t have to worry about a thing. With every business travel booking you make, you’ll automatically follow your company’s travel policy. Everybody wins!

Pre-trip approval flows

Green light? Go, go, go!

With GetGoing’s automated pre-trip approval flows, you can share your travel bookings with your company’s approver directly in the platform. Got the green light? With a simple click you turn your travel plan into a final booking. Let’s go!

With GetGoing you can make sure your bookings are always within your company's travel policy with automated trip approval flows

COVID-19 Info Hub

Travel risks and requirements seemingly change by the minute. How can you be sure you’re making the right decisions to get to your destination or back home safely? Our COVID-19 Info Hub contains everything you need to make plans for safe travel.

Experience first-hand how business travel should be

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