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An enterprise travel agency that puts your needs first​

Just because you are busy doesn’t mean your enterprise has to take a toll. Introducing GetGoing, an enterprise travel agency that puts your needs first.

Manage, book and optimize your business travel with one easy-to-use, all-in-one platform

24/7 support, the ability to automate your travel policy and let it work in the background so that you can take care of more important matters are all some of the features we know you need, and we’re constantly adding new features to offer you the most complete travel management platform on the market.

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Automated travel policy

An automated travel policy is exactly what enterprises need. You set the ground rules and the platform takes care of the rest. GetGoing puts you in the driver’s seat deciding what levels of approvals are needed, who’s in charge of approvals and allows you to put price caps on each travel category. The platform lets you be in control without having to work at it.

Easy invoicing

GetGoing provides tax compliant invoices to make your life easier because we know you have enough on your plate. Easily manage VAT with GetGoing, saving you on time and resources.

Travel deals

Instead of scouring the internet for the best travel deals, at GetGoing we’ve got them all in one place. Whether you usually book at or Expedia, it doesn’t matter; you can find these sites as well as all the best travel content and deals in our search engine. We provide enterprises with the best rail, plane, car, and hotel deals.

Get access to millions of discounted hotels on GetGoing
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Data that drives decision making

Data is at the center of any enterprise travel agency’s decisions. Having the right data allows you to make educated decisions that will help control your travel spend and make the most of business travel. Get insights into where your travel budget is going so that you can be sure.

Support when you need it

Why waste time booking through an enterprise travel agent when you can book yourself? Book all your train, plane and automobile business travel in less than a minute. If you have a problem while you’re on the road or while booking, we’ve got your back. 24/7 support is one of the many reasons to choose an enterprise travel agency over a fully digital solution.

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Why choose GetGoing

Increase productivity

Keep your travelers safe

Pricing that fits your needs

Easy, fast and simple

No software installation necessary

Digital first but backed by real travel experts

Frequently asked questions

Got a question? We have the answer!

Usually travel agency software is aimed either at serving a B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to customer) audience. The features that an enterprise needs from an enterprise travel agency software are different from the needs of a leisure consumer. That’s why it’s important to choose a B2B solution like GetGoing if you’re looking to find a solution that will help you manage your enterprise’s needs whether large or small.

Event management companies take care of organizing, executing and planning events, whether they be touristic events or any other kind of event. On the other hand, destination management companies (DMCs) are also most of the time travel agencies, taking care of travel arrangements having to do with fairs, congresses, events and meetings.

Travel agent prices vary depending on the services your enterprise needs. In the case of GetGoing because the platform helps you to be your own travel agent, prices are based on a per-trip fee. Find out more about our pricing.

Experience first-hand how business travel should be