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GetGoing offers 24/7 travel services worldwide. Business travelers can easily book and submit for approval through their account. Admins can customize travel policies and automate approval flows. We’re more than just a travel agency for companies. Find out more.

GetGoing’s corporate travel services

With GetGoing you can book accommodations, rental cars, flights and train travel from our all-in-one platform. The digital platform is available anytime to help you optimize your travel plans.

Pick from millions of options for accommodations and easily book your stay within a few minutes


A big part of being productive on your business trip is having a good night’s sleep. With GetGoing you can book your favorite hotels and filter the results based on star ratings, price, neighborhood or distance. Plus, we partner with top travel sites like and Expedia so that you can get access to the best travel content from top suppliers.


A business travel software solution like GetGoing is what you need to cut down on the time and energy you dedicate to searching for flights for your next business trip. Instead of scouring the internet for the best travel deals by plane, go to one site and book, manage, and filter your search results to get the best prices. See what’s in your travel policy and see the options for direct flights. Manage all your flight itineraries in one place.

Book corporate flights and more for your business travel from any device with an all-in-one, cloud-based business travel platform

Train travel

Train travel is a great option for European business travel. Spend less time waiting around in the airport, and arrive directly to the city center while at the same time reducing your carbon footprint. GetGoing helps you to book your train travel for business so you can compare alongside a plane ticket and see what suits you best.

Corporate car rental

Our built in car rental booking service allows you to book with top rental car companies with some of the best negotiated rates. You can pick up and drop off in a different location, whatever is necessary for you to have the smoothest business trip possible.
Book corporate rental cars for your business trip from any device

Frequently asked questions​

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All travel agencies have different pricing models. Whether it is a contact fee, a per-trip fee, or a monthly fee, prices can vary depending on the services one contracts. For more information on the GetGoing pricing, visit our pricing page.

While traveling for business is an important part of some roles, it is also important to consider the financial and environmental impacts of excessive business travel. With Covid-19 we have learned that sometimes a business meeting can be replaced with a simple virtual meeting, reducing the impact of travel fatigue and your carbon footprint. If you are considering whether to travel or not to travel, consult our blog about business sustainability management post-Covid.

The best travel agency will depend on your needs. If you are a business looking to optimize your business travel program, spending and reducing time spent on making travel arrangements, you can either turn to a TMC or a fully digital business travel solution. Read more about online travel agency vs. offline travel agency.

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