Get your hands on easy budgeting

The business travel tool for Finance Managers. Keep your costs under control while keeping your employees productive and safe. Grow your business with an all-in-one travel platform and service from real experts.

Go save time & money

Here’s the formula to grow your business and be successful: the right people and tools, at the right time and place. Manage costs while keeping your people productive and safe.

Overwhelmed? Don’t be. With a cloud-based, all-in-one platform, first-class support and service from real experts, everyone within the company will crush their goals. And most importantly, stay within budget, a finance department’s and Finance Manager’s dream.

GetGoing for finance teams

Keep travelers safe and make them follow up on your company's travel policy
Monitor and control business travel expenses with GetGoing's reports and analytics features

Take control of spending into your own hands

The old days of manual work are over! GetGoing does all the heavy lifting for you by integrating and automating your travel policy, so that Finance Managers can easily manage travel expenses.

Optimized travel policies guide your travelers

Automated trip approvals monitor expenses

Pre-set price caps for flights, hotels and much more

Reports & insights for finance managers

Report, save, repeat

Finance managers can do a quick check-in on budget with the built-in travel dashboard. Plus, use detailed reports to manage spend by traveler or destination level, and find more savings.

Track business travelers in need and take fast action with GetGoing's built-in interactive traveler tracking map for travel safety
Track business travelers in need and take fast action with GetGoing's built-in world map for tracking travels

Traveler safety & security

Protect your road warriors

Even when you’re careful, the unexpected can happen when traveling for business. With the latest risk information and travel restrictions, a traveler tracking map, and reliable emergency support at hand, we help you keep your road warriors safe and fulfill your duty of care.

Travel with peace of mind

Especially during these unstable times, you shouldn’t settle for less. As part of the BCD family, you’ll partner with a market leader in business travel that’s stable and reliable. With a dedicated team of experts, we go the extra mile to create a unique business solution that puts your business travel in good hands.

Rest assured with support and assistance from real business travel experts

Experience first-hand how business travel should be

Book, manage and optimize your business travel with just one platform for the entire team.