Your all-in-one business travel platform

The turnkey solution to book, manage and optimize your corporate travel.

Get going anywhere you want with the click of a button

Business travel management for all

GetGoing, an easy-to-use, cloud-based platform for the whole team to get going travel. Book & manage trips while optimizing your travel spend and growing your business. And when you need it, reach out to real business travel agency experts for assistance and top-notch advice.

your team

Organize business travel with an intuitive, easy-to-use digital travel platform. Empower your team and yourself, so you can free up time for other tasks and get going travel.

Save time
and money

Control your travel expenses and manage your travelers with travel policy automation. And generate powerful data insights to save more, forecast spending, and grow your business.

Travel easier
and better

Book your trips, fast and easy, at any time or place with an online travel agency. Pick your favorite options from millions of travel deals. And rely on real experts when you need them most.

One platform to manage it all

Expert support, anytime, anywhere​​

Sometimes, you just need help from a real person when you’re getting going on the road. We get that! When you’ve got your hands full or are unexpectedly dealing with an emergency, experienced and skilled people make all the difference. We have a whole team of travel experts who are there when you need them most to help you get going on the road again.


Office managers
& HR


GetGoing, a hands-on business travel solution for the entire team

From business travelers and bookers to office managers, finance and HR professionals (and anyone in between!). Get going on your next business trip.

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