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When it comes time to make business travel bookings, look no further. GetGoing is your answer. An online tool that businesses can use to make fast bookings, saving time and money, and increasing productivity.

Your complete business travel booking software

We say complete, and that’s because GetGoing is your one-stop-shop for business travel bookings. Travel management has never been easier. All you need to do is sign-up, complete your profile and create your travel policy, and the business travel booking software does the rest. 

The travel policy works in the background to help you control costs, and keep your travelers safe, automatically rejecting trips to risky destinations. Close all the open tabs on your browser; manage your company’s travel with the click of a button, all from one website. That’s what we call a complete business travel booking software.

Set up your company policy on GetGoing
Monitor travel spend with reports and insights

Great for the whole team

GetGoing is so easy to use that there is no training or installation necessary. This makes it ideal for your whole team to book business travel. Whether you’re a finance manager, an office manager or HR professional, or a traveler looking to easily manage your next business trip, the company travel booking system offers something for everyone. 

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All-in-one, one for all

Finance managers can use the software to make data-driven decisions; office managers and HR professionals can fulfill their duty of care and keep their employees safe and productive, and travelers can book their trips quickly and easily spending less time booking and more time getting their jobs done. And there’s so much more to our company travel booking system. 

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Increase productivity

Keep your travelers safe

Pricing that fits your needs

Digital first & backed by real travel experts

No software installation

Easy, fast and simple

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Travel software can simplify the travel business by making it possible to make bookings quickly and easily online. This cuts down on the manual labor necessary, helping to automate otherwise time-consuming tasks. Once agents have closed the deal to get the best travel deals, travel software can distribute these deals readily available online.

There are many tools available to help with corporate travel, but without a doubt the most important things to look out for when choosing a tool is one that can take care of all your needs in one place. Nothing is more efficient than an all-in-one platform.

Whether your company is big, small or medium-sized, a corporate travel company helps make your life easier because you can entrust a company or a software to help you take care of all your business travel planning, booking, optimizing and more.

Travel management software has many features, but some of the most important features to look out for are: travel policy automation, safety features, easy booking, reports and insights, and tax compliant invoices. All of these features will help make business travel bookings quicker and easier.

A travel management system is a platform that helps you manage corporate travel. On a travel management system you will find a selection of travel inventory, be able to create a travel policy and get data and insights to help manage corporate travel.

A travel management company or TMC is a company composed of travel agents aimed at helping businesses to take care of their business travel needs, from creating a travel policy, booking trips, helping to fulfill duty of care, and help with any problems or issues that arise.

It’s hard to say what the future of business travel for airlines will be. The airline industry still has not recovered to pre-pandemic travel norms, and as businesses focus more on traveling less to save money and keep their travelers safe, the future is uncertain.

The benefits of travel management software is the fact that it makes businesses’ lives easier by managing everything related to travel in one place. It also helps improve operational efficiency because automation helps to save time, which ultimately saves money. Software can also help improve business reporting and cost management.

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