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When we talk about small business travel solutions at GetGoing, it’s about providing you with what you need to plan, optimize and manage your business trips more efficiently.

All in one, one for all

We are an enterprise travel agency that is a one-stop-shop travely agency and business travel management solution for accommodations, business travel bookings, flights, trains, car rental and more for business trips. When it comes to saving time and simplifying travel, it’s all about having a corporate travel management platform that is easy to use for your whole team.

#1 Business travel booking site

Business travel bookings don’t have to be complicated. With GetGoing just sign in, choose your destination, and start booking. Once your travel policy is set up, it works in the background to keep your business travel on track. That means keeping you on budget and making sure your travelers don’t go to risky destinations. Because your travelers’ safety is our top priority.

Book, manage and optimize your business trips from any device with GetGoing one stop shop travel agency
Easily search and book corporate flights for business trips with an all-in-one business travel platform
Track business travelers in need and take fast action with GetGoing's built-in world map for tracking travels

Corporate travel tracker

Keeping track of your traveler’s while they are away is a must for fulfilling your duty of care and making sure your travelers are safe. With our corporate travel tracker map you can get live trip details to make sure everything is in order, and even get real-time check-in alerts so you know your travelers have safely reached their destination.

A top enterprise travel agency

GetGoing is an enterprise travel agency that holds your hand to take care of all your business travel needs. Whether it’s booking a car rental, a flight, a hotel or managing your business travelers with valuable insights and data, an enterprise travel agency means we have your best business interests in mind.

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Your go-to business travel solution

We say “go-to” because GetGoing is an all-in-one platform. Say goodbye to timely travel planning and say hello to what will without a doubt be your go-to business travel solution. Want to know more about how this platform can work for you?

Frequently asked questions​

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Business travel software solutions like GetGoing are changing the way businesses optimize and manage travel. As an all-in-one platform and one shop stop travel agency it means businesses can save time instead of having to book each leg of a trip on separate websites. Less time spent on travel management means more productive employees.

One of the best ways to manage business travel expenses is to ensure that you have a platform in place that makes it easy to access business travel insights and reports so you can see where your travel spend is being destined, and adjust expenses accordingly. Data is behind every important business decision.    

Experience first-hand how business travel should be

Book, manage and optimize your business travel with just one platform for the entire team.