Integrate and automate your travel policy​​

With a policy that works in the background, travelers follow your travel policy guidelines without even knowing.
Let travelers follow up on the company's travel policy with travel policy integration and automation in GetGoing's business travel platform

Goodbye, manual work! GetGoing does the heavy lifting for you.​

Wave goodbye to manual work. No more PDF documents, lengthy emails, and paper invoices. And especially no more missed opportunities.

With travel policy automation and integration in our platform, you let business travel work for you instead of the other way around.

Integrate and automate your company travel policy in GetGoing's all-in-one business travel platform

Automate your travel policy with unrivaled options and settings

See how GetGoing integrated travel manager helps you control and manage your travel expenses and travelers with the power of automation and artificial intelligence.

Company & team structure

Travel & booking settings

Multiple travel policies

Automated trip approval flows

Payment & invoicing

Company structure

Match the platform to your company or team structure

Company logo

Add your company logo to create extra recognition and visibility for your users

Departments & teams

Add and manage company departments or teams and assign travelers to them

Office & other locations

Make booking easier and faster by adding your office locations and other frequent destinations​

Travel settings

Guide travelers on what to book

Set the business travel rules for booking flights, hotels, rental cars and rail bookings, and so each booking follows your global travel policy. That’s the whole purpose of a travel policy.

Set up your company policy on GetGoing

Set your preferred flight class and hotel rating

Set a price cap for short and long flights, hotel stays and car rental​

Allow or prevent refundable or non-refundable reservations

Create multiple travel policies for different teams, departments or traveler groups
Create multiple travel policies for different teams, departments or traveler groups
Create multiple travel policies for different teams, departments or traveler groups

Create and manage multiple travel policies

Add extra, custom policies for specific travelers​

Make the business travel rules work for you. Not every traveler, department or office is the same. With additional, custom travel policies, you give specific groups or locations more freedom and flexibility, such as a specific business class travel policy. Or less freedom, that’s totally up to you!

Automated approval flows for business trips

Monitor expenses, even before departure

Create automated pre-trip in-app approval flows that monitor expenses and travel to high-risk destinations.

Decide when approval is needed, add your co-workers as approvers to the platform and set the level of approval they’re allowed to give.

GetGoing's pre-trip green light approval
GetGoing's approval settings
two white hands making ok symbol with euro signs

Dynamic, AI-powered price sorting for flights

GetGoing’s AI-powered Go Smart feature analyzes thousands of data points in real-time for each search and shows your travelers the most cost-conscious choice for their flight.

Create and manage different profiles for payment and invoicing for your business travel

Payment & invoicing

Secured payment, tax-compliant invoicing

Store personal and company credit cards to let your travelers securely pay for their trips directly on the platform.

Set up one or multiple invoicing profiles on the platform to automatically receive digital, detailed and tax-compliant invoices that make travel administration a breeze.

Experience first-hand how business travel should be

Book, manage and optimize your business travel with just one platform for the entire team.