Unlocking savings: How to make business trips cheaper

Your guide to booking cheap business travel

In the dynamic business travel industry, as prices rise, it’s essential for companies to find cost-effective solutions to meet their bottom lines. While face-to-face interactions offer unparalleled opportunities to close deals and build long-lasting business relationships; with inflation growing, optimizing travel expenses is more important than ever.

With recent surveys pointing to the fact that corporate travel buyers anticipate higher travel budgets in order to compensate for the spike in prices, it’s more important than ever to read this guide.

Guide to travel cheaper by unlocking savings in business travel

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In this ultimate guide, we will debunk common myths around booking cheap travel and help you determine effective strategies for designing a budget-friendly travel plan, whether you are a procurement manager, travel buyer, traveler, or a finance manager looking to optimize costs, this is the must-read guide to save money without compromising on quality or productivity.

Discover how to design budget-friendly travel programs, including optimizing transportation choices, minimizing accommodation costs, navigating peak vs. off-peak travel periods, and strategically planning meals. With practical tips and a focus on adaptability, companies who read this guide can find out how to balance cost-consciousness with efficiency.

Plus, get actionable steps to maximize savings while ensuring a seamless travel experience. Including:

  • The business travel expense landscape
  • Designing a budget-friendly travel plan
  • The importance of timing: How to navigate peak vs. off-peak travel periods
  • Debunking cheap travel myths
  • How to optimize different aspects of business travel
    • Eating well on a budget
    • How to save on accommodations
    • Maximizing savings on transportation

Who can benefit from this cheap travel guide?

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Office Managers & HR

Who want help booking more cost-effective trips that also boost employee wellbeing and productivity.

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Who want to control spend on corporate trips and improve the efficiency of business travel.

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Who want to make more informed business travel decisions and save their company’s money.

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