| Liudmila Buga

6 Hotel features that business travelers really care about

When it comes down to hotel stays, business travelers view travel as an experience, but at the same time they want to stay in a place that makes their lives easier so that they can really just focus on their visit. We broke down our insights into what business travelers really care about when they’re booking hotels. Keep reading to find out more.


Location remains the top priority. Business travelers prefer to stay closer to their meetings, so they don’t waste money on local travel and don’t have to worry about timing. The best part: more time for themselves and to explore their surroundings!

Wellness and safety

Cleanliness and safety protocols have become of foremost concern. Hotels are aware of guests’ changing needs and try to make sure travelers feel safe and secure while away from home. We’re seeing more flexibility in COVID-related cancellation policies, and social distancing are part of the best practices that are still enforced to ensure travelers’ safety.

Choice and cost

Business travelers may not be picking up the tabs, but they are picky about their accommodation choices, which often leads to on-the-road browsing through hotel booking websites. And those choices might not always be the most suitable ones. Thanks to our GetGoing travel deals, your traveler gets access to millions of hotel options and even around-the-clock expert service.

Food and drink

Breakfast is an absolute must for business guests. Who wants to waste valuable time looking for a coffee bar in the morning? Travelers will appreciate hotels offering convenient and healthy meal options.


Business travelers want to be productive during a trip. A comfortable desk and a fast, reliable Wi-Fi connection are a no-brainer. You’re still on duty after all.

Personalized experience

Pre-set preferences through your booking agents, can ensure travelers have tailor-made amenities and facilities at hand. Besides, by booking via GetGoing, they can see for themselves which services each hotel offers.  All in all, don’t be shy to ask for more – hotels are often willing to meet travelers’ requests.


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