The benefits of having a frequent flyer number for business travel

By: Jessica Freedman

Find out the ins and outs of frequent flyer numbers and how they can benefit your business travel making it more convenient and smooth traveling.

If you frequently travel by plane for business, you fall into the “Frequent Flyer” category. Many airlines offer so-called frequent flyer numbers and other bonus systems for those who travel frequently. You can earn bonus miles on flights with different airlines. Examples are the Oneworld Alliance, SkyTeam or Star Alliance.

The individual airlines also offer their own bonus programs in which frequent flyers can enjoy various advantages. Business travel award programs are one of the best ways to expand travel programs and maximize travel budgets, but surprisingly 41% of people dislike the difficulty in earning frequent flyer bonus points and making use of loyalty rewards. Keep reading to find out how frequent flyer programs work, what is a frequent flyer number and how you can make the most of the offers to get a hand on spending and increase travel satisfaction.

What is a frequent flyer number? Earning rewards

A frequent flyer number is a special number assigned to travelers when they sign up for the program with a specific airlines. It is used to identify regular travelers and provides some bonuses and benefits. If you’re wondering why did the perks for frequent flyers develop, it’s to incentivize the fidelity of a particular airline. Airlines’ loyalty and frequent flyer bonus programs offer rewards and benefits for companies based on their travel spend. These programs are similar to the bonus and discount systems that are also offered by normal shops and chain stores. The more a company spends with an airline, the more points or credits they earn. This can then be exchanged for flights or additional amenities such as upgrades or lounge access.

Business travel rewards programs offer companies a number of benefits that can have an immediate impact on travel spend and budgets. For example, there are graduated discounts depending on annual spending, or travel credit and business points, which can then be allocated to individual travelers.

To get the most out of bonus and frequent flier programs, your business should designate a preferred airline or alliance for frequent flier programs. Look at your business travel trends and create an internal travel policy that aligns with your most used providers and your selected frequent flyer program.

A travel platform like GetGoing can help you develop a suitable strategy and integrate your frequent flyer program into the booking process.

Learn more about integrating and automating your travel policy.

After you set up your frequent flyer program, make sure all business travel is booked using your company’s frequent flyer number. Monitor your business travel expenses to ensure you meet the minimum spend for each bonus level. You should also make sure that bonus points are used regularly so that they do not expire.

The frequent flyer and rewards programs for business travelers allow companies to earn points or credits based on annual spend that can be redeemed for domestic or international airline tickets, seat upgrades, airline lounge memberships and more. Rewards should be actively used to reduce spend on the most expensive trips.


Upgrades offer an excellent advantage for your business travelers, especially if they travel regularly. An upgrade to Business Class on long-haul flights provides the relaxation you need to arrive at your destination fresh and relaxed. Your employees can also use their time more productively to work on the go. Learn more about staying productive on the go with our guide to staying productive on business trips.

Through your company’s frequent flyer program, you can use the miles you earn or bonus points to book flight upgrades for your business travelers. If you use a travel platform like GetGoing, you can also do this via the system as long as you have stored your Frequent Flyer data. Nothing easier than this!

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When it comes to traveling in business class, you can set up business class travel permissions in your administrator view. 

Access to airport lounges

Airport lounges are especially beneficial for business travelers who travel a lot and also want to work and relax during their business trips. Nothing is worse than being huddled on a windowsill in a crowded airport area with your laptop on your knees trying to get work done. In the Airport Lounge, your business travelers can work in peace, stay in touch with colleagues in the office and make important phone calls with free Wi-Fo and a place to plug in electronic devices within easy reach.

Airports offer airport lounge membership programs. There is the so-called Priority Pass, which allows access to all airport lounges, regardless of flight, status and airline. You can often get access with a Frequent Flyer number.

So if your company is enrolled in a loyalty program, access to the Airport Lounge allows your business travelers to stay effective and relaxed. For more tips on how to relax when traveling by plane, check out our top 10 tips for traveling by plane for business trips.

Easier business trips

By participating in frequent flyer programs, you also offer your business travelers additional benefits. For example, they can check in earlier and take part in speedy boarding. The less time business travelers spend queuing at the airport, the better. When you travel a lot, every minute you can relax counts.

A suitcase can often be checked in free of charge. Check out our ultimate business travel packing list. And membership in the Frequent Flyer program often provides access to special offers (rental car, hotel, etc.) as well. Especially when booking hotels for business trips, a Frequent Flyer number can bring in a free upgrade.

Integration of technology

By using technology to your advantage, you can book business trips through a travel platform like GetGoing. The platform allows you to store your frequent flyer number so that it is automatically included in bookings.

Thanks to the Frequent Flyer programs available, you as a company can benefit in many ways. Business travelers can use the miles and bonus points they earn to get flight upgrades. You can use airport lounges at airports to relax and work on the go. You can also take advantage of special discounts for rental cars and hotels.

Participation in such a program is particularly worthwhile for small and medium-sized companies. We’ve also put together an all-encompassing guide to small business travel management right. You can find more tips in our post Planning a business trip: Tips for seasoned business travelers to plan the perfect trip.

Learn how GetGoing can help you better manage your rewards and loyalty programs. (Coming soon)


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