Top 8 business travel destinations in USA (2023)

Find out the top destinations for business travel and for start-ups so you can better choose where to do business.

Find out the top destinations for business travel and for start-ups so you can better choose where to do business.

By Liudmila Buga

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As we hit more than the halfway mark in the year and enter into the heart of the summer months, business travel may be slowing down, but that doesn’t mean when it picks up again in the Fall, you shouldn’t be ready to know where the to-be place for conducting business is for the remainder of 2023. Choosing where to do a business trip will often depend on where your providers are located, where your satellite offices are, or where your industry is centered. 

Especially for start-ups, location is key because it can facilitate ease of capturing clients, resources and talent. Choosing the ideal location for a start-up can also give your business access to favorable tax laws and regulations as well as different local incentives that are set up to help stimulate the local economy. 

In this list we will look at the 8 most popular business travel destinations (in no particular order). Keep reading and get ramped up for your corporate travel in the USA.

view of Hudson river and skyline business travel destinations new york

1. Business travel: New York, a must-stop destination

When it comes to New York business travel, the Big Apple is considered one of the top US cities and for start-ups as well. So, why is New York one of the best business travel destinations? Because it is the global financial hub and home to many multinationals making it a key stop on any business trip, whether it be for networking or when looking for business opportunities. With a highly skilled and varied workforce, companies have access to top talent and expertise, which is why it is a likely choice for businesses.

NYC has a vibrant and dynamic business environment and a thriving start-up scene, business travel to New York is a must. With co-working spaces, incubators and accelerators galore, New York City offers the support and resources for start-ups, as well as venture capitalists and investors looking for the next big thing. With a population of almost 9 million, NYC is the biggest city in the US with a startling number of potential customers, resources for new entrepreneurs, such as networking events and start-up incubators, which are ideal for getting connected. 

chicago business travel

2. Chicago

Being the third largest city in the USA, Chicago, business travel will often take you to this destination. It is the hub for much commercial and business infrastructure as well as start-ups making it one of the most important places where most people travel for business in the U.S. There are tons of innovation hubs, co-working spaces and incubators that provide resources and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs. 

Chicago has a dynamic business environment for start-ups. According to the StartupBlink, Chicago is home to 1107 startups, representing about 3% of the US startups, and hosting the 6th best startup ecosystem in the US. With so many business opportunities, it is no surprise that business travel is one of the main reasons to travel to this destination. 

Skyline of Miami with ocean business travel destinations miami

3. Miami

Miami’s Central Business District (CBD), also known as the “Downtown” is not only the historic center of Miami, but it is also where you will most likely visit for corporate travel Miami. If you are in finance you may also find yourself in the Brickell neighborhood, the financial district of Miami. 

Miami is an important hub and one of the top business travel destinations for companies and start-ups alike, especially in the sectors of technology and innovation. Thanks to its strategic connection with Latin America and its favorable tax regulations, international entrepreneurs and businesses are attracted to making the city their base. There is also a growing community of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and investors that supports the start-up community. 

Skyline of Atlanta business travel destinations Atlanta

4. Atlanta

Atlanta is home to many Fortune 500 companies, making it one of the top business travel destinations. Thanks to an excellent transportation network, and it being a thriving hub for many international airlines, with many business travel services, Atlanta airport is a common spot to arrive in the US for international business travelers. The city also hosts some of the best hotels for business travelers seeing as it’s such a popular destination. 

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The startup/tech community in Atlanta, Georgia is thriving with 40 corporate innovation centers, making it the highest concentrated city for start-ups and innovators in the Southeast. Plus, with the many business incentives, many companies are flocking to Atlanta. Major tech companies like Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft and Visa all call Atlanta home in the Southeast. 

Los Angeles downtown with palm trees business travel destinations los angeles

5. Los Angeles

Are corporate affairs taking you to Los Angeles on business travel? You’re in good shape! Los Angeles is the second largest and most populous city in the U.S after New York. For the media, entertainment, creative industries and e-commerce, LA is the place to be. The city hosts a wealth of international events, conferences and industry events that help facilitate business connections and networking opportunities.

For business travel, Los Angeles is a particularly attractive destination and good place for business as it is sunny a whopping 275 days out of the year. The good news is you can also take advantage of the sunny weather for bleisure travel after your business trip. 

Seattle skyline with Mount Ranier in the background business travel destinations seattle

6. Seattle

The question of whether Seattle is a business city or not goes without saying as it is home to tech giants like Amazon and Microsoft. This concentration of tech companies as well as the fact that the Seattle area hosts many research institutions, making it a popular choice for start-ups and innovation in general, seeing as there is access to a great talent pool. In fact, it is ranked as the 5th city in the US for startups, hosting almost one thousand different tech companies, many of which are in the Energy, Environment, Health, Software and data industries. Check out our Seattle city guide.

Boston downtown business travel destinations Boston

7. Boston

Boston is an important hub for academia, research and innovation thanks to being home to some of the top universities in the country like Harvard, Boston University, Northeastern, MIT and more. In addition, over the last 15 or 20 years, Boston has built a startup ecosystem similar to Silicon Valley and NYC, thanks to its highly educated workforce. 

As one of the most walkable cities in the US, it is a great place for business travel. Boston offers a wealth of business opportunities, especially in the cybersecurity, technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning sectors. As it is smaller than New York, business travelers can also enjoy shorter commutes. 

Austin skyline with riverfront business travel destinations Austin

8. Austin

Austin is one of the fastest growing cities for start-ups. With great weather year-round and a low cost of living, a lot of companies are flocking to Austin, escaping the high rents and high prices in Silicon Valley. Currently there are around 5,500 startups in the city of Austin, with the numbers rising and a large corporate presence, especially in the e-commerce sector. This makes it likely that you will take a trip to Austin for business.

Summary of top US cities for start-ups and business travel

We’ve looked at some of the top cities for start-ups and business travel. Without a doubt when considering where to do business in the US, it’s important to consider size, location and connectivity. Prioritizing cities that have a large concentration of start-ups and companies will also help you maximize your time and effort invested in growing your company.

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