BCD Travel vs. GetGoing: Two options to suit your travel management needs

Looking for a way to manage your business travel but not sure which company to choose? We lay out the differences between BCD Travel and other management companies like GetGoing.

Looking for a way to manage your business travel but not sure which company to choose? We lay out the differences between BCD Travel and other management companies like GetGoing.

By Jessica Freedman

bcd travel vs. get going

The world of travel management is vast, and choosing a travel management solution that’s right for your company isn’t always easy. You may have seen several different options on the market, and be lost about which one to choose, and of course, a lot will depend on the type of solution you are looking for in the first place. 

Are you a big company with an engineered travel program that needs a team of professionals to guide you and your staff members in the travel management process or are you a company who wants a turnkey digital management solution to manage your business travel needs and at the same time keep track of expenses? 

Asking yourself the right questions will help you get a better understanding of what it is you should look for when it comes time to manage corporate travel. We’ll help you better understand the difference between a travel management company and a digital solution and help you decide which one is right for you. So, keep reading. 

What does GetGoing do?

GetGoing is a turnkey digital management solution to help manage, optimize and book business travel and at the same time keep track of expenses. GetGoing is a self-service travel management platform for digital-forward companies who want to keep things easy and all in one place. Simply sign up and start booking: no implementation needed. An account can be up and running in as little as a few minutes. GetGoing services all kinds and sizes of companies from startups to scaleups, to small and large companies, who have simple travel programs without the need for customization. 

Easy booking with a digital hand from GetGoing

For those looking for a digital-forward, mobile-friendly, self-service option, GetGoing is your go-to tool. This all-in-one travel management platform makes easy booking possible for your business trips, and when you need a hand, you also have 24/7 support available. When you sign up for GetGoing you have a full suite of features readily available in the all-in-one platform, plus you have easy booking and reporting at your fingertips. With features being enhanced all the time, we’re applying our extensive knowledge of the travel industry to create software that really works.

Automate your travel policy with GetGoing

With GetGoing, you can use the tool’s functionalities to help automate your travel policy. Whether you’re on the go, from your mobile or the web app, the policy works in the background so that you stay on track for your travel budget, and you get no surprises at the end of the year. You can set price caps, allow or prevent refundable reservations, create different rules for different types of bookings (flights, or rental cars) and travelers, and automate trip approval flows. 

bcd travel

What does BCD Travel do? 

BCD Travel is a full service travel management company (TMC) that helps companies create and manage customized travel programs. They have a range of proprietary tools like TripSource and services available to help engineer and look after travel programs, helping clients to manage their business travel programs and its complexities.

BCD Travel corporate management is designed particularly for companies not only with a large travel volume, but also for those who need specific customizations and tailored travel programs. BCD Travel offers a lot of options for customized services, like operational, financial setup, and more, depending on what your company needs.

How does BCD travel agency work?

BCD Travel agency is more than a travel agency, it’s a global travel management company, meaning that its business model involves handling all aspects of managing travel for business clients and corporations, instead of for individuals. 

Differences between BCD Travel and other travel management platforms like GetGoing

BCD Travel and GetGoing both help businesses optimize business travel, but for those looking to understand which one is right for them, they must know their individual business needs whether that be if they need a tailored travel program or a turnkey digital management solution. 

Turnkey digital solution vs. tailor-made solution

BCD Travel is a global travel management company offering a wide range of services, including corporate travel management, meetings, events, travel consulting and integration with the client’s third party of choice. BCD Travel offers engineered and customized travel programs for those who have complex travel needs. 

GetGoing, on the other hand, is an all-in-one self-service travel management platform that provides companies and travelers with the tools they need to book, manage, and optimize corporate travel on their own. GetGoing is ideal for clients with a digital DIY mindset, such as startups, scaleups, and companies who have a digital-first approach.


BCD Travel has a suite of proprietary technology solutions to streamline the entire travel management process for their clients. GetGoing offers an all-in-one digital platform with all the tools you need to help companies manage their corporate trips, and their technology is centered around an all-in-one full self-service digital platform where you can manage everything: book trips, optimize budget and unlock powerful data. 

Implementation time

GetGoing is a self-service platform meaning that you have everything in the platform to take care of your business travel needs, without the need for implementation. The account can be up and running within a few minutes, and once the account information is complete, the client can start booking immediately. Because BCD Travel offers more customized service setups, implementation time differs but is, on average, longer. Once set up, you’d have access to BCD’s self-service tools and apps, such as TripSource.

Business travel as a service digital platform vs. full service agency

Business travel as service means that clients of GetGoing can take care of their own business travel needs on the platform without the need for help from a TMC. BCD Travel on the other hand is a full service travel management company who takes care of everything for the company, especially for companies who have complex travel needs, or for large corporations with a large travel volume, that need help every step of the way.

BCD Travel or GetGoing?

You can’t go wrong! They’re both great travel management solutions. Above you can see more clearly the distinctions between the GetGoing Travel Managment Platform and the other solutions offered by the BCD Travel Managment Company. While both BCD Travel and GetGoing help manage business travel, they have different strengths and are tailored towards different types of customers. As always, companies should evaluate their specific travel needs and budgets to determine which company would be the best fit for them. 

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