| Liudmila Buga

Games, yoga, and a great playlist to pump up energy at virtual meetings

Tired of the long, boring virtual meetings? So we are!
It’s time to brush up your virtual events. Check out the 6 ice-breaker ideas to re-energize your video calls and online meetings.

Virtual meetings and events are the best way to keep people connected. Yet at the same time, “Zoom fatigue,” has become a real thing. Add on the distractions of working from home – i.e., family, delivery drivers, or pets – and in a blink, your attendees bummed out.

Here are just a few creative ideas to help you re-energize virtual meetings.

  1. Use dynamic video, music, and motion graphics to keep all eyes and ears on the content.
  2. For large groups, integrate polls, Q&As, and other engagement tactics to help improve interactivity.
  3. Icebreakers and energizers are best practices for kicking off meetings, starting conversations, and boosting networking.
  4. Virtual teambuilding activities, like scavenger hunts, are great for boosting morale and brainpower. Break up long events with virtual escape rooms or gameshow-style sessions.
  5. Add health and wellbeing breaks to your event, e.g., virtual yoga or meditation to break up intense sessions.
  6. Book music or magicians. You read that right. Book a DJ, comedian, or magician for an online appearance to celebrate the end of a successful event.

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